iFrame Virus Removal

Virus is panic for everyone on internet. Not only computers but websites too get infected with malicious viruses and hamper the site functionality. RainCreatives team has put in the efforts to counter this malware attack.

From where the code is attached to site:

The attack are uploaded from computer where ftp sessions are taken over for files upload. The malicious files get downloaded, edited automatically(inserting the iframe source script) and uploaded back to the server.

How does it get displayed in code files:

Malicious Code gets inserted in the site's index.* files in all directories. The code added might look like :

Now, you are left with the tons of iframes on your server. To fix that, follow the under given steps

Solution to remove iFrame virus:

1. Download any reliable antivirus software and clean your local system (from where you normally access ftp). This is the source of the malware.

2. Now, the source of the malware is cleaned, its time to clean the website on the server. Download this script and put the FILES into your root directory and open the url (eg. http://www.yourdomainname.com/anti.php )
3. Confirm your root directory's physical path (All sub-directories will be scanned).
4. All the iframes will be cleaned from the files (Make sure the folders have group write permission).


This script is written in php and will work for the server where php support is there. Script will cure the following problem on your website.

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