RC-CSV for VirtueMart 2

Un-Complicate your inventory management with RC-CSV for ViruteMart!
RC-CSV for Virtuemart 2
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Why annual maintaince and upgrade is not optional
Our component, like all other is controlled by the underlying Joomla/Virtuemart version on your website. Joomla along with Virtuemart may be updated frequently. We make sure that components works perfect!


Still putting in hours for updating your web-store? Or Forgot to put in a special discount on a product in a peak season due to overload? Won't happen now!

New RC-CSV - Un-complicate your Virtuemart inventory management!

Easy - Stable - Upgradable

Getting your store updated faster with an spreadsheet. Import Export of Virtuemart store is now easy with RC-CSV. Your VirtueMart 2.0 store can be updated with new RC-CSV for VirtueMart 2.0 easily. YOu save time and also avoid boring re-work in case of any update is needed. Just as simple as filling up a spreadsheet!

You can import/export:

- Category structure

- Products. This includes child products too!

- Custom Attributes and their assignments !

Above all can be done by creating unique templates as per your requirements!

On import completion, it shows a report of successful imports, updates and if any product has been skipped, it will show its row number which failed to import to identify issues from csv you have imported!

Regular updates will be rolled out to ensure you get most needed features in your inventory management! 



Further Updates To Be Released:


- Manufactures import/export

- Orders import/export

- Customer import/export

Now Update even when you are on move! 


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RC-CSV for VirtueMart 2 - Frequently asked questions:

Frequently asked questions:

1. If I purchase one (single) copy of the RC-CSV, on how many Joomla installations can I use it on?

Ans: If you purchase a single copy of RC-CSV, you can use it only on a single joomla installation. You cannot use it on multiple joomla installation, as it will not allow the product to be installed. Also, if you try to install it on second installation, while the first installation is still running on another Joomla installation, it violates the terms of license. For multiple installations, please increase the quantity of RC-CSV in the shopping cart.


2. Is there a demo, where I can test the component or can use it? 

Ans: We are sorry we don't have a test demo, but we do have a few videos which show the functionality of the component. You can also refer to the RC-CSV documentation if you want to have a more detailed idea about the product.


3. Is there a guide for how to operate the component? 

Ans: Yes, we do have a detailed document (though in its first version), to guide you how to use the component. Click here to download detailed RC-CSV document. Also, we have a YouTube video to guide you through its functionality. Click here to go to YouTube Video.


4. Does your component support child products in Virtuemart?

Ans: Yes. RC-CSV for VirtueMart 2 provides support to Child products.


5. What new features can I expect in near future? 

Ans: Further Updates To Be Released are :

- Manufactures import/export  
- Orders import/export 
- Customer import/export.

6. What is the maximum number of records I can import/export via RC-CSV? 

Ans: There is no limit to the export/import numbers, but, it is advisable to do that in batch of 1000 records. For large batch, we advise to take a backup of site and database first before installing the RC-CSV component


7. Does RC-CSV support UTF8 and ascent characters?

Ans: Yes, RC-CSV supports UTF8 and ascent characters.


8. Does RC-CSV allow the "Manufacturer" and "Multi-categories" etc? 

Ans: Yes, but for the fields outside product tables, you will have to place a request to our team, we will ship you the patch in 2 working days. We will be making RC-CSV more flexible via including this in our 3rd release.


9. What should I do if I am not able to install the component correctly? 

Ans: We provide free installation support. If you are not able to install the component correctly, you can email us a copy of Order you have received along with Joomla backend admin details and FTP and database access at support@raincreatives.com and our support team will install if for you free of charge!


10. Why is annual support not optional?

Ans: Our component, like all others, is controlled by the underlying Joomla/Virtuemart version on your website. Joomla along with Virtuemart may be updated frequently and we make sure your component works without any issues through out.


11. What are common issues we can face while installation?

Ans: Our component requires cURL active while installation on your server. If that is not enabled, then installation may not proceed. In this case, you can request us for an alternative copy of the component. 


12. What if the component does not work correctly?

 Ans: We are committed to provide a working component, but, as Joomla/VirtueMart is open source, there may be many scenarios where component works correctly due to conflict with other components, customisations in Virtuemart. We have taken utmost care to avoid these situations, but they can happen. In this case, we request you to provide the your site's ftp access, db access and joomla backend to check/solve the issue. We will try to solve them as soon as possible, but we will state the time required for fix as soon as we check/confirm the issue.


To know more or any questions before purchase, please contact us.


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