Magento Extension

rc_customcatalogueNow displaying your products and categories would become easier with RC_Customcatalogue Module. This module helps to display selected categories or products for display on any cms page you want. You can change the display style with the help of parameters which can be set according to your need. You do not need to add php code for displaying categories and products. With the help of this module selected categories or products can be displayed anywhere on your cms page and you do not need to know any coding.

RC_Customcatalogue enables Magento users to design and arrange product display as per their will, WITHOUT NEED OF DEVELOPER OR CODING KNOWLEDGE. User will just need to open a CMS page and write in tags as given in the example file. Very easy to create pages as you like !

This extension helps you to do following tasks:

  • Magento Customization for CMS Pages
  • Magento Customization for Magneto Skinning
  • Magento Customization for Custom Landing Page Design
  • Magento Customization for Category Page Design
  • Magento Customization for Product Page Design
  • Magento Extension Development for New Product Pages
  • Magento Extension Development for Category Pages

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