From Businesses to individuals, corporations, social clubs, retailers, academics, manufactures, etc. all are accessing and sharing their information in one way or other over the internet. To identify, target and convert your own desired customers or users is a very difficult but required task. This helps you to channel your energy in a direction which provides results.

With our experience in digital field spanning through early days of these digital channels up to now, we, can help you to deliver your message to right audience. We employ industry experts for each separate assignment and our in-house team executes the plan. We provide regular updates and work closely with your Marketing/Sales/Customer Support department to make sure that message is unison and a brand value is established, which will help in target conversion.

We work from the scratch, while your online asset is being created or take-over your dying web conversion strategy and turn-around to a profitable one. We cover following channels in our process :

With our vast experience in developing e-commerce websites for various industries and region, we have a set process to make them successful. With each e-commerce website, we make sure it has following basics in it :

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Interactions
  • News Releases
  • Investor Relations Exercises.
  • Traditional SEO practices.
  • Social Media Services.

We help you to build a wholesome digital brand by covering each of the need individually and delivering it to correct audiences.

Our bi-weekly reporting and review sessions are aimed at getting constant feedback and adjusting the work-flow as required to meet the ever changing dynamics of today’s market.

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10 reasons why you may need a digital channel strategy?

  • You’re directionless
  • You won’t know your online market share
  • Existing and start-up competitors will gain market share
  • You don’t have a powerful online value proposition
  • You don’t know your online customers well enough
  • You’re not integrated (“disintegrated”)
  • Digital doesn’t have enough people/budget given its importance
  • You’re wasting money and time through duplication
  • You’re not agile enough to catch-up or stay ahead
  • You’re not optimizing

Digital marketing includes a raft of Internet marketing techniques, such as

  • Search engine optimization (SEO),
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Link building.

It also extends to non-Internet channels that provide digital media, such as

  • Short messaging service (SMS),
  • Multimedia messaging service (MMS),
  • Callback
  • On-hold mobile ring tones,
  • E–books,
  • Optical disks
  • Games.